Jun 3, 2013

BOOK HOP ~ Best Book Ever ~ Scott Nicholson/JTWarren MEAT CAMP, David Freed ~FANGS OUT, RED RIDING Neo Edmund

The Best Book Ever Hop

3 Books are featured on my blog giveaway for BEST BOOK EVER / HOP from one blog to another 
below to enter many others.  

MEAT CAMP ~ Scott Nicholson, JT Warren

FANGS OUT ~ David Freed



Best retelling OR Best Werewolf book ~ up for winning is Neo Edmund's Red Riding book above.

Book Description

In this action-packed twist on the beloved Grimm Fairytale, Red Riding will not only face dangerous wolves; she will have to face the wolf within herself. Gifted with the power to transform into a werewolf, she will rise to become a legendary warrior known as the Alpha Huntress. Accompanied by bad-boy heartthrob Wolfgang Helheim, Red will lead a tribe of loyal followers armed with mystical powers of their own against a vile lunar deity, who plans to thrust Wayward Woods into eternal night.

Editorial Reviews


"If you're a die-hard Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter fan, you're right on the money! The expository writing style is very similar to that of J.K. Rowling. I'm curious what the future may hold for this series" - FanQuarterly.com  

"Forget everything you thought you knew about Little Red Riding Hood! She's no shrinking violet--she's a freakin' kick-butt action hero!" -- Bill True (Screenwriter of Runaway).

"If you consider yourself a fan of the reinvented fairytale, then do no hesitate to enter the world of A Tale of Red Riding: Rise of the Alpha Huntress. Bouncing between Red's magical discovery of her place and family in Wayward and her many brawls to defend her home from nefarious villains, the book delivers on many levels and satisfy readers who desire both bracing action and whimsical fantasy." - FanboyComics.net   

About the Author

NEO EDMUND has worked in the entertainment industry for 10 years as a writer, story development exec, and a film producer. As an author, he has written for Film, Television, Feature Animation, Comics, and novels. He has written on projects for companies including ZENESCOPE, SILVER DRAGON BOOKS, HISTORY CHANNEL, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, ANIMAL PLANET, SPIKE TV, JUMP START INTERACTIVE, BRANDED FILMS, PLATINUM STUDIOS, and GENETIC ENTERTAINMENT.

Find out more about Neo & his other books at:

 Other books by Neo Edmund:

Best Book Ever ~ Mystery Category is

FANGS OUT by David Freed

Book Description via Goodreads:

Moments before he is executed, the killer of famed Vietnam War hero-pilot Hub Walker's daughter makes a startling allegation: the real murderer is Walker's close friend, a prominent U.S. defense contractor. Walker wants to hire somebody willing to spend a few days hunting up information that will refute the convicted killer's groundless but widely reported claims, and help restore his friends good name. that somebody, as fate would have it, is sardonic civilian flight instructor, would-be Buddhist and retired military assassin Cordell Logan. Thus begins one of the years most suspenseful mystery-thrillers. 

A Medal of Honor recipient married to a former Playmate of the Year, Walker resides in the swanky San Diego enclave of La Jolla, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Logan is convinced that working for Walker will be little more than a paid vacation - a chance to rub shoulders with a living legend while rekindling Logan's relationship with his own enticing ex-wife, Savannah. But after flying to San Diego in his beloved aging Cessna, the Ruptured Duck, Logan is quickly drawn into a vexing and deadly jigsaw puzzle. The deeper he digs, the murkier the truth appears, and the more in danger he finds himself. Who really killed the war hero's daughter, and why? Somebody in "America's Finest City," wants to stop Logan from asking questions, and will stop at nothing to silence him.


About this author

About David Freed
David Freed is a screenwriter, author and former investigative journalist for The Los Angeles Times. He served as The Times'lead police reporter, was an individual finalist for the Pulitzer Prize’s Gold Medal for Public Service, the highest award in American journalism, and later shared in a Pulitzer Prize for the newspaper’s coverage of the 1992 Rodney King riots. He reported from Saudi ArabiaKuwait and Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. He has an extensive knowledge of law enforcement, aviation and military affairs.

The son of a Denver police officer and a graduate of Colorado State University, Freed began his journalism career at theColorado Springs Sun and Rocky Mountain News before moving to the Los Angeles Times, where he spent the bulk of his newspaper career.

After leaving The Times, Freed worked as an investigator and associate field producer for the Los Angeles bureau of CBS News, helping cover the OJ Simpson murder case. That same year, he sold his first feature-length screenplay, the action-thrillerStealth, to 20th Century Fox.

Other script sales and/or screenwriting assignments have included: City Held Hostage (NBC Productions); Down Range (Nu-Image); Behind Enemy Lines (CBS Productions); Road Rage  (Fox Television Studios); A Glimpse of Hell (F/X Networks);Breaking the Code  (F/X Networks); The Shiva Club (William Shatner’s Melis Productions); Syncopation, the Davey Yarborough Story (Showtime); Crescent Moon (MGM/United Artists and Trilogy Entertainment); and Rules of War (Court TV). His last film project was The Devil Came on Horseback, a feature film for the independent production company, 72 Productions. 

In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Freed is a regular contributor to the Smithsonian’s Air & Space magazine and other national magazines. His 8,600-word exposé in The Atlantic, detailing how the FBI pursued the wrong suspect in a string of anthrax murders following 9/11, was honored as a 2011 finalist in Feature Writing by the American Society of Magazine Editors.

Freed has also scripted interactive computerized training simulations for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, the Army’s Battle Command Battle Lab, and other entities within the federal intelligence community. He holds an active government security clearance.

Freed is the author of a humor book, "Dear Ernest and Julio: the Ordinary Guy’s Search for the Extraordinary Job,” (St. Martin's Press, 1997). His first novel, the mystery-thriller, “Flat Spin” (The Permanent Press) debuted in May 2012. He is a member of Mystery Writers of America and the International Association of Crime Writers.

An instrument-rated private pilot and aircraft owner, Freed lives in Santa BarbaraCalifornia, with his wife, Elizabeth, a psychologist. They have two adult children.

Visit him at David-Freed.com

“Fangs Out is the second book in the widely acclaimed Cordell Logan series and, like its predecessor, is filled with bullet-speed wit and original characters, plus a fast-paced and intelligent plotline, climaxing with more than one surprise, especially the surprise on the very last sentence of the book. David Freed is a master of mordant one-liners for which Raymond Chandler’s leading man, Philip Marlowe, would have given his eye teeth. Highly recommended for crime and thrillers fans alike.”

--New York Journal of Books

“Freed’s skills as a reporter, screenwriter, and pilot made his first Logan tale (Flat Spin) a delight, and this one continues that roller-coaster pleasure. Logan is a stubborn, wise-cracking, ordinary guy with some extraordinary skills and a passion for flying. He does have a few problems following the Buddha’s precepts on nonviolence, but readers will eagerly look forward to his further attempts to combine flying and detection.”

--Library Journal

“In Freed’s crackling second mystery…the appealing Logan, a wise-cracking, marriage-challenged loner trying to practice Buddhist tenets, proves his mettle as both pilot and investigator.”j

--Publishers Weekly

“An intriguing mystery. When Logan is in the air, Freed’s series really takes off.”


reviewFang's Out, David Freed's second novel was a humorous & mind gripping mystery. Flying instructor Cordell Logan takes on a little, on the side investigation job for extra needed cash that he thought was going to be easy money & a practical vacation. WRONG! The title Fangs Out struck me as a vampire book at first because I was not familiar with the term "Fangs out" as it is used here, & was pleasantly surprised by this twisting & turning mystery. 

I have not had the pleasure of reading the first Logan mystery, but learned a lot via the amazing character building that did not bore, but adequately described the colorful characters in Logan's life. I could not help but like Cordell Logan, as he takes the journey from working for Uncle Sam & doing what it took to get the job done, to trying to find peace via Buddhist teachings. It adds a lot to the various situations he finds himself in that he usually points out what a Buddhist would of would not be thinking or doing as he is trying to save his neck. 

As Logan digs further into the death of Ruth that he was paid to investigate, others related to the case begin to turn up dead . . . hence, the plot thickens. 

Logan basically ends up in a mess himself thinking he was going to basically be on a vacation with his ex wife Savannah who he hopes to rekindle with. I could not put this book down between the mystery & the humor of Logan's relationship with his landlady, his pet, & near everyone he meets. 

The book moves along at a good pace as a little of Logan's personality & history is given along the way. I love Logan's dry humor & actually found his nack for getting into predicaments constantly as entertaining as the mystery itself.


Best Ever Book / Zombie, Camping is not one of the
categories so I guess this will have to be Scary Book!
Scary does not EVEN BEGIN
to cover it though.  If you like goo & gore & eekkkk
you will love this book!!!

Meat Camp via Goodreads.com

Bloodthirsty mutants go on a rampage at a camp for troubled teens after an infection spreads. Adapted from Scott Nicholson’s original horror screenplay.


In a desperate attempt to save their land from tax foreclosure, Delphus Fraley and his daughter open a camp for at-risk kids, with the goal of building character through experience in the Appalachian outdoors.

But a strange infection contaminating the camp’s mess hall soon triggers a bloody rampage. As the isolated camp turns into a bloodbath, camp counselor Jenny Usher first fights to save the children, and then finds she must fight to save herself.

Because this infection doesn’t just kill, it brings the dead back to life…

Scott Nicholson is the international bestselling author of more than 30 books, including The Home, After: The Shock, Liquid Fear, The red Church, and more.

J.T. Warren is the author of Hudson House, Rampage, Blood Mountain, and the series Jeremiah Rivers: Demon Hunter

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  1. Hey guys enter for eveything & comment with which book you would rather have & why if you'd like to. I have read all 3. They are 3 very different books, but all 3 were AWESOME !!!


  2. If I win I want 'The Tale of Red Riding ' by Neo Edmund cause i love Fairy tale Retelling.
    Also I accidentally entered for the Facebook page in Rafflecopter but the Facebook link doesn't work.

  3. Which Facebook page doesn't work please?? Good luck on the giveaway. The Red Riding book was pretty good. It was pretty exciting with a lot of mystery & surprises along the way.

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