Jun 3, 2013

Review: How I Met My Monster

How I Met My Monster
How I Met My Monster by R.L. Stine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I chose this book because of my little brother's intense love of Goosebumps when he was 10 & younger. I loved this book. I liked that it was scary without going over the edge & I loved that it made me recall my own younger brother when he was sweet, young, & beggin me to buy these Goosebumps books for him constantly.

The book was filled with mystery, mayhem, & a little mid grade drama. I was a little anxious myself to see what was going on & who was doing what. Reading the book took me back to simple days when I was a child and could read a good story and have everything turn out pretty good after all. I really enjoyed this book because of the "brought back" good feelings from my brother's childhood & from my own at that age testing the waters of the "scary" book.

I am so glad Goosebumps is still around for new generations of kids to enjoy & get a little shock & mystery out of. I received this book free before it's release date in exchange for an honest opinion.

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