Sep 9, 2013

Review: The Troop

The Troop
The Troop by Nick Cutter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The ultimate battle for survival not only for the boy scouts alone on the island, but also for the "worms" that adapt and continue to thrive. Whose will to survive is strongest??

This book was creepy, gory, and so horrifically descriptive I will have nightmares about it for a while. I do not see how the boy scouts in this story did not freak out to a larger extent. Their actions were very believable because they were still young and their willingness to accept the strangeness helped them deal with the issues better than many adults who would have likely just went into shock.

The ole government conspiracy rears it's ugly head again, and of course it once again appears to be exactly what happened. Innocent kids (14 year olds) given no assistance and sacrificed to see how well the "worm" would work as a weapon of war. The layout of the story allows the reader to know what happened on the main land in places between the horrifying events on the island.

This book was awesome & suspenseful I could not wait to see who, if anyone survived. I kept cheering for some Boy Scout lesson to save the day. Each scout is well developed and you feel as if you have a good grasp on the boy's personality and possibly what he might do next. I read the book in a matter of days because I was cheering for this boy & then that one. I could not wait to see what happened next & would catch myself holding my breath & thinking "no, no, no".

I love Boy Scouts / Cub Scots & honestly I am certain I will think of this book on every camp out I attend from now on. I couldn't help laughing a little when the boys begin to wonder about their leader's sanity etc. Every scout leader's nightmare... LOL.

I received a complementary copy to provide an honest review.

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