Mar 16, 2014

Review: Allegiant

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really did not see how this book has been called too much like the Hunger Games. The people are separated into different factions or groups based on their chief belief, selflessness, fearsome ness, etc. and the way it ends and the way it begins has nothing even similar to the a hunger games. They aren't fighting.... The only similarity is that it is a dystopian type society.

I found the first books interesting and the idea to separate as a way of getting along an interesting idea. As we know, many interesting ideas aren't perfect and people don't often want to be the test pigs. Not everyone can fit into a box even when society tells them to. We all still try even today whether we are willing to admit it or not.

How many of your decisions are made based on what "others" or "your friends" expect you to do?

Very interesting read that does not have squat to do with the Hunger Games.

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