Apr 22, 2014

Review: Pretty Dark Nothing

Pretty Dark Nothing
Pretty Dark Nothing by Heather L. Reid

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book description:

Quinn is a normal teenager, but for 23 days she has not slept for more than a few minutes at a time. Demons have invaded her dreams, stalking her and whispering of her death. The lack of sleep and crippling fear are ruining her life, and energy drinks and caffeine pills don't help. Then Quinn dozes off in the school hallway, and Aaron, an amnesiac with psychic ability, accidentally enters her nightmare. Aaron has a secret locked away in his memory that the demons are determined to keep him from discovering. Together, Quinn and Aaron can banish the darkness back to the underworld for good, but the demons will stop at nothing to drive the two apart.


This book is creepy from the get go. Quinn was in the incredibly awkward position of KNOWING she was going to be considered crazy if she admitted that she was seeing spooky shadows AND they were talking to her. Her fear to open up to anyone or to be near anyone because of the shadows interfering in her life caused such isolation it was mind jarring to try to imagine the terror & horror.

I respected Quinn's bravery & common sense not to just spill her guts about what she was experiencing, but at the same time how could she not think she might actually need mental help. There are some dark turns of events over & over. Her school thinks she is crazy any way so why not open up to someone. I wish she had opened up to the only person who could have understood her situation. I thought it was going to be a strange - weird person falls for and saves the other utterly weird person, but I missed that by a beat or 2 possibly.

It was a very surprise ending that I can not totally resolve in my mind. I am glad there is a 2nd book that will hopefully pull things together a little better. The ending seemed to jump over the cliff and land in a totally different book. I did really enjoy the book until the end, and book 2 possibly makes sense of it. It was definitely worth reading and giving the second book a chance.

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