Apr 24, 2014

Review: The Berenson Schemes

The Berenson Schemes
The Berenson Schemes by Lisa Doan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book description:

Jack's parents have been chased out of Tokyo, gone broke in Greece, and hosted Nairobi's least successful safari. Next they’re taking Jack on a Caribbean vacation—whether Jack wants to go or not. The Berensons are about to start a snorkeling business. It's their latest get-rich-quick scheme. With these experienced world travelers at the helm, what could go wrong?

Jack's used to staying indoors and not taking chances. When his parents take him out on the water, he ends up shipwrecked. Now Jack has to survive on a tropical island…and avoid a whale shark that's swimming near the beach.


5 *****

I liked this book because I think many adventurous children, as well as the less adventurous ill be entertained and learn that change isn't always bad. Jack's aunt, who was raising him, passed away so he had to join his adventurous parents who did love him, but were not really good at planning and thinking things through.

Jack hated the idea of joining his "dangerously unprepared" parents because he had lived a nice peaceful, indoor mostly life with his aunt. Jack's world was being turned upside down. It was hilarious to read his descriptions of his parent's "free will" attitude. The parents were very positive minded, carefree, and "yes" quite a bit on the unprepared side concerning their own lives as well as having Jack come along too.

This book is a great example of parents and children communicating, meeting in the middle, and figuring things out. I love that. Jack even learns (through a hilarious mishap of unpreparedness on his parent's part) to try new things. I can relate to this because my son is one of those boys who hates change and refuses to try new things most of the time. There is plenty of adventure and humor for the children who don't know there could be a lesson buried in the story! Haha. Jack's very descriptive details of his parent's near criminally negligent & unorganized way of thinking and living is so hilarious. The crazy part is you think it's a funny exaggeration that happens to be accurate. He does, after all, end up stranded a few days on an island accidentally because of the parents being unprepared. It's not a "scary" story and Jack's misguided parents do love him & learn a lesson themselves about the need for thinking ahead.

I was provided this book free from the publisher for an honest review.

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