Jun 24, 2014

Review: Disney Go Green: A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle

Disney Go Green: A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle
Disney Go Green: A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle by Gunndis Finnbogadottir

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Book description:

Disney Go Green: A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle
by Gunndis Finnbogadottir, Ellen Gunnarsdottir, Asta Jonsdottir
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Go Green is a new brand of Disney books, encouraging families to lead a sustainable lifestyle. It is however not only a line of books but an opportunity for families to spend time together. It is an all around guide for families to take steps towards transforming their lives to live a healthier, greener, and a more sustainable lifestyle.

The book

This first Go Green book is for everyone whether they are new to the concept of sustainability or someone who's lifestyle is green. The books three main focal points are; explaining sustainability in a simple and fun way, putting the concept into perspective for children and families and to show easy and fun steps to take in the green direction. All through the book are tips and fun facts connected to sustainability and the reader will find that not all is lost and a few easy steps will take the family in a new direction.

Chapter headings

These are a few of the chapter headings, with a reservation that the wording of them might change slightly:

. Go Green with Mickey

. What is the circle of life?

. Fun and active lifestyle!

. Exploring the world!

. Why recycle?

. Growing our own greens

The brand

Two subsequent titles are in production, Go Green! The Family Challenge and Go Green! Create Your Own Garden. In addition to the books a strong community will be present online, via the Go Green webpage and all social media."


I loved this wonderful book. Disney Go Green: A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle is wonderfully laid out and easily worded so to help modern families learn the importance of the environment via familiar Disney Characters with easy to understand terms that a family can understand about how to begin small towards their goal to help the world they live in be around for future generations.

I recall in my early twenties wanting to become more nature / earth aware, but not knowing where to start. I and my family have learned so much from being involved on my son's Cub Scout pack, and I could see many of the same basic principles in this easy to read and understand book. I loved the color scheme. As a former graphic designer myself, I enjoyed the colors and happy characters as I read from page to page.

It is very important that our future generations learn about caring for our planet for the generations to come. This book is a great place to start educating children (or even adults that love Mickey Mouse, haha).

Tina of useful information, crafts, and all the where and how to get started. I was so lucky to receive this book free for an honest review. It is one of the most useful books I have read in a while.

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