Jun 24, 2014

Review: Jake and the Giant Hand

Jake and the Giant Hand
Jake and the Giant Hand by Philippa Dowding

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Why is Grandpa acting so weird? And why are there so many giant flies buzzing around? Jake spends every summer holiday on his grandpa's farm. But this year, things are a little weird. First, there are huge flies everywhere. Second, Grandpa is acting kind of odd. And third, Jake's friend Kate keeps trying to scare him with creepy stories. Last year's tale about the swamp creature was bad enough, but this year's story about a hand that someone found in a farmer's field is even worse. And it wasn't just any hand either. It was a GIANT'S hand! It might just be the creepiest story of all. But it can't be real. Can it? Jake and the Giant Hand is book one in a new middle grade series, Weird Stories Gone Wrong.


12 year old Jake was an awesome character in an awesome, age appropriate spook tale. I loved this ecopy I received free for review purposes. The story starts with Jake taking his usual summer stay with his grandfather in a town with many strange happenings over the years. Jake's friends near his grandpa's are a boy & girl set of twins 2 years older than him, who scared him the summer before with a "giant hand" story. Just lots of strange stories like all
towns have right?

I really liked that this book was not too much and too scary for a reader just coming into strange tales, but it was still extremely interesting and funny. Jake refers to grandpa's dog's tongue as the "tongue of death" ~ we all know what it's like for a overly loving dog to slobber all over you with a tongue that has been no telling where.

Good, clean fun with suspense and mystery for the kids and even some good ole family bonding. I loved it!!

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