Jun 3, 2014

Review: Running on Empty

Running on Empty
Running on Empty by Colette Ballard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We would all like to think that innocent trailer park girls don't go to prison for an accident that happens against her rich/ rapist boyfriend, but that just isn't realistic is it? I found this book to at least be realistic in that manner. Haven't we all known a wealthy family that owned a town or county? You always hear that innocent people don't run from the law, but if you KNOW things are definitely against you from the start it makes more sense. At least River had friends willing to help her and literally GO WITH her.

I received this book before release for an honest review and I truly enjoyed the action and characters in this book. River and her friends would likely be judged a bad lot, but they are good kids and have a genuine friendship that most of us just wish we could find. Justice (her best friend) is an awesome character as well in always trying to look out for River and protect her.

There was a lot of guessing on my part in this book and plenty of twists and turns. I would think I had something figured out about the man who gave the girl's a job, but then that wasn't exactly on, still interesting though. The characters all had enough differences and details that I truly wanted to know each of them. I did not know there was a book from Justice's point of view until today, and I will definitely be checking that out.

I did get frustrated at River's ability to be stubborn at times, but all of us have faults and her situation is one that has to be confusing if not hopeless at times.

Definitely a great read!

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