Jul 20, 2014

Review: Greene's Calling

Greene's Calling
Greene's Calling by A.D. Starrling

My rating: 2 of 5 stars



An immortal healer.
An ancient legacy reborn.
A chain of cataclysmic events that threatens to change the fate of the world.

When a plane crashes in the Amazonian swamp where Conrad Greene is attempting to live out the rest of eternity, the jaded immortal who was once one of the Bastian First Council’s greatest assets stumbles across a conspiracy involving the recently elected president of the United States.

Caught in the middle of the intrigue is US Secret Service agent Laura Hartwell, the one immortal on Earth most likely to put a bullet through Greene’s skull.

Greene is coerced into returning to the life he had left behind by the leader of the Bastians and reluctantly agrees to assist the Americans in their investigation. As disturbing incidents start to unfold around the globe, Greene and a team of elite human and immortal agents must track down an elusive organization hell-bent on shifting the power balance of the world.

Can Greene stop the deadly countdown that threatens to alter the course of human history and regain the trust of the woman he loves?

The riveting and fast-paced third installment in the award-winning, supernatural thriller series Seventeen is finally here.


as at first very interested in this advanced copy of Greene's Calling that I received free to provide an honest opinion of. I was very intrigued at the idea of immortals and in Greene's past love experience that ended in disaster. I liked that he lived the peaceful life to himself til a plane landed on him concerning his ex love and danger that found him soon on the United States joining her and protecting not only our president, but many other world leaders. I lost interest because I am not very into "terrorist" type books between humans nor immortals.

I am not saying the book was poorly written, nor someone with more technical interest in the army, navy, defense - country vs country mentality opulent have liked it. I just didn't. I read for weeks and continued to find myself reading and re reading to figure who was who when I truly did not care.

I believe many of other types of readers may have found the book interesting. I wonder if the plane falling on Greene's out of the way hidden cabin that originally got him involved was a coincidence? Maybe someone who could have stood to finish the book might have found out of ... Of all the places a terrorist,s plane would crash, why on Greene's remote shack that would force him to become re involved with his ex immortal girlfriend..

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