Aug 30, 2014

Review: Fatal Consequences

Fatal Consequences
Fatal Consequences by J.G. Faherty

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This book was just what a I needed. A full on blood pumping scare. I loved the suspense and the haunted feelings Alec had about what he had gone through. The scenes were absolutely creepy and freaky enough to keep me turning the pages. I am so glad I was given this book free for a n honest review.

The book started with action immediately and kept going straight through til the end. I wasn't sure about the ending, but that is fine. . . Who wants to always guess the ending ? I thought there might be a logical answer at one point and was just excited to keep reading. I hate to give anything away, but this book has the thing that creeps me out the most... It is great.

The author even managed to work in that their camping started as a result of Cub Scouts, which I will definitely think about on our next Cub Scout camping trip. The author done a great job of starting out strong and holding a fast pace til the end. No time for boredom.


Every decision carries a price.

Alec Winter is a man haunted by his own cowardice. When a bear attacked his family

during a camping trip, he ran and hid. When he returned, his children were dead and his

wife badly injured. But everyone believes he’s a hero because he led rescuers back in time to

save her. Ever since then, his children’s deaths have haunted him. Now, on the anniversary

of the attack, strange things begin happening. The people who helped Alec are dying in very

violent ways, leaving him to wonder if guilt has finally driven him crazy...or if something far

worse is coming for him.

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