Sep 5, 2014

Review: Bob's Hungry Ghost

Bob's Hungry Ghost
Bob's Hungry Ghost by Geneviève Côté

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I loved this children's book. Although Bob was disappointed that he got a ghost for his birthday rather than a puppy, after some fun mishaps they come to terms. This is a wonderful story about giving situations or people / friends a second look and discovering they may have wonderful things you never imagined.

I was given this book free from publishers for an honest review.

The story made me think of friendship. How at first you might not like someone, but if you look closer you can come to appreciate your differences and be an unbelievable pair together. Very cute illustrations and wonderful message for young kids (and the rest of us too).


Bob wants a dog for his birthday, but instead he gets a ghost ... and its name is Fluffy. Unfortunately, Fluffy doesn't fetch, sit or go for walks. But he does eat everything, and soon all of Bob's things and even Bob himself end up in Fluffy's belly. Will Bob find a way to tame his unruly and very hungry ghost? Will Fluffy realize that eating Bob wasn't a very nice thing to do? All ends well in this sweet and silly look at appreciating what you have. And everyone will want a ghost for their birthday after reading this book.

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