Oct 8, 2014

Review: Yoda's Secret Missions

Yoda's Secret Missions
Yoda's Secret Missions by Ace Landers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

These three original stories star the greatest heroes and villains of LEGO(R) STAR WARS(TM)!

Yoda, the ultimate Jedi Master, has 900 years' worth of stories to tell! This humorous and action-packed book features all our favorite heroes and villains in three original stories!

What happens when Obi-Wan, Yoda, and a new class of Padawans must battle Sith Lords in Podraces, fight bounty hunters in the Jedi Temple, and defeat stormtroopers in the swamps of Dagobah? Hilarious adventures will ensue!(less)


My 9 year old son loves these LEGO books. He also likes Star Wars a bit too. It seems these days that if any youth book has Lego characters it is a hit. This book was fun and funny. The characters were exceptionally well drawn. It reminded me of the children looking at their own Legos realistically put together in a story which helps the child to feel like an actual part. Series books are great for young readers.

I was given this book and have provided an honest review as I agreed to do. It is books like this LEGO book that encourages my son to read. He loves the humor and imagination, so I feel these books are really hitting their target audience. Keep up the good worl. I also catch my husband (a long time Star Wars fan) looking through each of these books we leave laying around.

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