Nov 11, 2015

Review ~ The Cat Who Came in Off the Roof by: Annie MG Schmidt

The Cat Who Came in Off the RoofThe Cat Who Came in Off the Roof by Annie M G Schmidt

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


In the tradition of "The Cricket in Times Square" comes this charming tale of courage, friendship, and what it really means to be human. This classic, which originated in Holland and has withstood the test of time worldwide, will appeal to readers young and old and dog and cat lovers alike!

An act of kindness brings shy reporter Mr. Tibble into contact with the unusual Miss Minou. Tibble is close to losing his job because he only writes stories about cats. Fortunately, Minou provides him with real news. She gets the juicy inside information from her local feline friends, who are the eyes and ears of the neighborhood. Tibble is appreciative, but he wonders how she does it. He "has" noticed that Minou is terrified of dogs and can climb trees and rooftops with elegance and ease. . . . It s almost as if she s a cat herself. But how can that be? Praise for THE CAT WHO CAME IN OFF THE ROOF.


Apparently Annie M. G. Schmidt is a well known and very successful foreign writer who first put this story out to the public in 1970 and now again in 2015. Ms. Schmidt is also considered one of the greatest Dutch writers, is alao known as the mother of Dutch theatrical song, & the Queen of Dutch children’s literature. After her death she was honored posthumously in 2007 by being included in the Canon of Dutch History alongside such national Dutch icons as Vincent van Gogh and Anne Frank. Although Schmidt wrote poetry, songs, books, plays, musicals, radio and TV dramas, she was best known for her children’s stories. I did not know any of this when I was given a free copy of The Cat who came in Off the Roof by NetGalley for me to provide an honest review of.

I found hours of pleasure in reading this light hearted book about a very shy reporter and the lady / turned cat who comes into his home helping him to become more successful, and also help other local animals at the same time. The story is great for kids to show examples of caring and doing good thing for others and animals. The cats help the writer by providing facts for his stories that they obtain via the local cat info outlet. There are some great characters with a lot of humor incorporated into how the cats behaive and how their information system works. I am also proud to know the cats get justice while helping their writer friend find his own way to being a better writer. information system works, and luckily the cats get justice while helping their

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