Feb 15, 2017

Review: Who Needs a Reef?: A Coral Ecosystem

Who Needs a Reef?: A Coral Ecosystem Who Needs a Reef?: A Coral Ecosystem by Karen Patkau
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By MoonShineArtSpot

Who Needs a Reef by Karen Patkau is the first book in this ecosystem series that Inhave read. I received this book free for the purpose of providing an honest review. The book is a children's book with beautifully illustrated information about reefs, how they are formed, etc.

This book gave a great introduction to coral reefs and their many uses both to animals, humans, environment. I found the book very informative and I learned quite a bit I didn't know such as how coral reefs help protect shore lines, and help develop natural harbors and beaches. Many children will find the facts and illustrations both exciting and imaginative.

Some reviewers seem bothered that the book didn't go more into the need to preserve the reefs, but it is an introduction for children .... Not all fish are listed, nor are all of the possible medical uses of some of the living creatures ... It's an intro, not a complete adult guide. I think the book is great considering the age group it is intended for.


Karen Patkau takes readers on an amazing voyage of discovery to find out

• How coral reefs form
• Why coral reefs bustle and teem with life
• Why there are more kinds of living things on coral reefs than anywhere else in the sea
• What the types of hard corals are
• Which plants and animals attach themselves to coral reefs
• How coral reefs protect shorelines
• How coral reefs help develop natural harbors and beaches
• Where the coral reef areas of the world are
• Why we need coral reefs

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