Feb 15, 2017

The Outs

https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1471992493l/30040765.jpg   The Outs *****    By: E. S. Wesley

To say this is a very unique story concept doesn't do justice to the word unique. Unique isn't a strong enough word. Crazy, scary, insane, confusing, creepy, murderous, fantasy, horror, twisted, imagination gone off the deep end. < Jumble all those words up and create a word 
 > that's the word to describe the story concept that is “The Outs”.

The characters are very well developed, even the spooky ones are easily visualized. All of the scenes and locations are described in realistic and vivid detail. The story reads at a fast past, full of energy, action, suspense, yet always leaving hope intact.

I guess first, people need the [basic] definition.
The Outs: an unexplained global phenomenon that alters the functional laws governing electricity and prevents the formation of new memories.
^ That's the books definition. In the story, The Outs is so much more.

When the story begins; It's been 1 year since The Outs started. The power goes out randomly for hours each day and no one remembers what happened while the power was out. People who die during The Outs always come back to life once The Outs are over – like it never happened.

Kitzi is a teenage girl, a friend of Caleb. She has a brain injury [caused by a car accident] that makes it difficult for her to comprehend. She's very smart, but people don't seem to realize it. She has aphasia and synesthesia. She has trouble recalling/comprehending words and spoken words are associated with various smells. Kitzis aphasia and the way everyone treats her caused her such emotional distress that she was suicidal.

Some parts of the book were hard to understand when it's Kitzi's section. This is the author, being true to the character, writing the way Kitzi's malfunctioning brain is speaking and interpreting the words and speech. It's good that Kitzi has synesthesia and can smell the difference between lies and truth. She depends on this ability often in the story, and it seems essential in the story.

Caleb is a teenage boy who suffers depression, made worse by the medication prescribed. In the story, Kitzi comes at just the right moment and stops Caleb from committing suicide. Their friendship and bond created at this moment.

The story revolves around Caleb and Kitzi trying to save a little 6 year old girl named Amanda. Somehow Amanda is very central to The Outs vs Reality. Nightmare vs Truth. Hate vs Love.

To the fabulous author, E. S. Wesley, You've just left me wondering “What did I just read?”. With a big, goofy smile on my face. Well done.

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my rating or review of the book.

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