Feb 15, 2017

The Injured Fox Kit

The Injured Fox Kit     The Injured Fox Kit      By: Tina Nolan

Another great Children's book that is family oriented and cheerful. There are several great black and white illustrations to help children visualize the characters and animals in the story. The story reads at a good pace, never lagging. It is full of excitement, adventure and a bit of a mystery.

This story is a continuation of the Animal Magic Rescue Center series. Al of them lovely stories on their own.

Caleb and Ella Harrison enjoy helping their mom, the veterinarian, at Animal Magic Rescue Center.
Heading to her house one evening at dusk, Ella hears a small animals cry of distress from out in the neighbors pasture. On the bank of the river she finds the small animal with its leg trapped in barbed wire. To her surprise it's a fox kit! After her mom mends the fox kits leg, she warns Ella that it's not a pet. Ella is at first shocked when her mother explains that the fox kit will have to be returned back to the wild.
Ella discusses with her parents her concerns over the fox kits release. They decide to attach a radio transmitter to the kit prior to release. Ella is happy that she will be able
to track and monitor the kit – until one day the signal is lost!

Children will enjoy reading the story and helping Caleb and Ella solve the mystery of the lost transmitter signal. They'll also enjoy the other animals being cared for at Animal Magic Rescue Center, even the spunky, mischievous billy goat Ella named Gordon.

I enjoyed this book and think all children will enjoy it. Recommend for ages 7 and up.

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my rating or review of the book.

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