Jul 10, 2017

Review: Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated

Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated by Tom Starita
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First off I will say .... The main character, Lucas James, is a class A - turd, but I found myself laughing so hard and absolutely having to know what was going to happen next in his narcissistic little world. I was not at all sure I would like the book once it became apparent just how self focused Lucas is. I immediately wanted to give him a good kick in the pants.

I throughly enjoyed the book, and got a few good laughs along the way. The main character reminded me of several people I have met over the years. You may want to crawl in the book & kick his lazy tail, but there is a good bit of humor in it all.


The author privided a copy of this book for the purpose of giving an honest review.


Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated is a classic coming-of-age story that takes a unique and comic look at what we all fear— having to grow up and abandon our dreams.

For a charismatic man like Lucas James, life is a breeze because everyone else provides the wind. This man-child front man for a mediocre cover band has been mooching off of his fiancĂ©e Jackie for years until she finally decides she's had enough. Faced with the reality of having no income to support his carefree lifestyle, Lucas James abandons his principles and gets a job working in the stockroom at, “That Store.” How does he cope with this new found sense of responsibility?

He casually steals...

In a life spent bucking authority how will Lucas James deal with his manager, 'Victor the Dictator'? How long can he survive Ralph, a starry-eyed coworker who desires nothing more than to be best friends? Will Lori, a twenty-something cashier, be like everyone else and fall for his charms? Will he ever find a place to live? And is “growing up” just another way of saying “selling out?”

With this hilarious and engaging novel, author Tom Starita perfectly captures a character we have all met and perhaps some of us know all too well.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed!


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