May 23, 2014

Review: Silver

Silver by Chris Wooding

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Silver was a very well written book with teens as the target audience. I thoroughly enjoyed the idea if an experiment going wrong and making zombie type beings that were also a product of technology / reproducing themselves. Maybe it is a little far fetched, but it us young people who can accept something like that happening and even (as demonstrated in the story) adapt and hold together better.

Each character had their own personality and was well described with bogging the story down. I learned and related to each character's personality and challenges as they were in the middle of breath taking horrors.

I often don't like zombie books (but sometimes do, depending on how they are written). The teens seemed believable and the descriptions if the creatures after them were horrific and disgusting beyond belief. I don't like that much gore, guts, & goo yet I still could not stop reading.

Thank goodness this was not a book that left me dangling about how it started ~ the creature's origin. This us well worth the read.

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